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Philippine SF Lovers

Because one-upmanship isn't for fen

Pinoy Skiffy Lovers
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Welcome to the Philippine SF Lovers Group!

For those with questions, I'll gladly answer them. I'm setting up a site for the group; frequently questioned answers will be available there. In the mean time, an e-mail message will always be welcome.

And, no: this group isn't just for Filipinos (you don't even have to be Terran; or, for that matter, Solarian), although it's intended mainly to cater to those from the Philippines. I hope this group will be successful enough that there'd be spinoffs. That is, maybe something like skiffy_eo for Esperantists, or skiffy_ru for Russians, etc. It'd be great, too, if localized groups sprang up (I'm planning one for residents of Makati City); and it doesn't have to be local to the Philippines, either. Or local to this planet/solar system/galaxy/universe/multiverse/dimension/`reality'

First, the rules (collective groan from the audience). Don't worry, there aren't much.

1) Behave like fen. If you don't know what `fen' means, or how fen behave, you're either a dane or a neofan. Read Niven's Fallen Angels.
2) Read SF like your life depended on it (because, in a sense, it does). No dosage required to follow: you're your own doctor.
3) No quizzes, surveys. memes. That goes into your personal journal.

And, lastly, always know where your towel is.

Use your noggin' to discern what kind of posts are acceptable. Posts about science fiction (or speculative fiction, or scientifiction, or whatever is your preferred term for it) and fantasy are specifically encouraged, though other topics are fine. Like I said, use your noggin'.

That's about it. Enjoy, and remember: FIAWOL. :D

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