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Fri, Aug. 27th, 2004, 03:55 am
aktuation: Action Items: Stop Fox News' False Advertising / Petition for Dubya's Impeachment

Fox News is a liar. Their trademark ‘Fair and Balanced’ is blatantly false. Please join the campaign to get them to stop using this deceptive trademark.

At http://www.moveon.org/fox/ there is a form we can fill out; there, we can express our opinion about Fox’s Dubya-kissing propaganda.

(The Philippines’ zip codes are composed of only four numbers; moveon.org will not accept them. Simply add a zero to the end of your zip code. A valid zip code is required for the petition.)

On http://www.votenader.org/get_involved/impeach.php, there is a petition we can sign that calls for an impeachment inquiry of Bush and Cheney. Though the Philippines is halfway around the world from the USA, through signing this petition, we can show them that the world will not stand for Dubya’s stupidity and crimes of war.

(The list of states have a ‘Not in the U.S.’ item.)

I have signed both, by the time you read this.

I wonder if there’s a petition I can sign that would insist that government officials send their own children to the next war they wage...